My Cupboard Staples

These are some of the must haves I always love to have in my cupboards, for quick, easy and tasty meals to extravagant and delicious bakes. Have these on hand and you can throw anything together and make it taste luscious!

Everyday Cooking


Soy Sauce or tamari

These are the handiest sauces to throw into stir fries, on top of veggies, or anything you like. They give loads of flavour without needing much else.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk (can)

I love to add this to curries, it gives them a nice rich and creamy taste. I also use it to make ice cream too!


Brown Rice miso paste

This stuff is so delicious over aubergines, broccoli, rice, salmon, the list goes on! It gives a good tang of flavour and is so easy to use.