The Best Açaí Bowls in Sydney

I have been enjoying many a açaí bowl during my time in Sydney, so, I thought that I would share my in depth knowledge with all of you as I believe that I have become quite the connoisseur…

acai bowl sydney fruitologist

My Fruitologist

When I first had an açaí bowl here, I was in heaven! The thick, sorbet swirled açaí piled on with clustery, crunchy granola, with fresh strawberries and banana, it was like a dream. Since then I have had it many a time and have to say, it always meets my very high expectations.

Also, bonus points, the presentation is EXTREMELY instagrammable for that #instalyfe.

D Bowls

d bowls

I must admit, i made the hour’s trek out to Cronulla, just for this açaí and I have to say, I was impressed. The açaí is the richest açaí I have ever had and the toppings are epic: they have delicious homemade granola and you HAVE to add their homemade peanut butter, its EPIC.

I brought my own coconut bowl to not use the plastic containers and they were very accomodating about that which is an added bonus :)

vida surf store acai

Vida Surf Store

Cool vibes, amazing smoothie bowls and GREAT music, this place is a pretty cool brunch spot. A surfboard store/ hip cafe, this store serves up tasty food in a cool setting just a few steps from Bondi beach. The açaí bowl here is pretty great. Its thick, creamy, perfectly sweet and has tasty toppings; crunchy granola, toasted coconut flakes and fresh fruit (as well as me being me and adding almond butter on top :) )

Credit: Trip Advisor

Credit: Trip Advisor

Bare Naked Bowls

Bare Naked Bowls is my go to cafe after walking the stunning Bondi to Bronte walk and refuelling with an amazing smoothie bowl. This cafe has so many different açaí bowl options, my fave being the beach bowl which I always get without the honey on top and It is absolutely delish. they have so many different blends and toppings to choose from and cater to everyones needs :)

Nutie Surry Hills Acai

Nútie Surry Hills

Creamy, thick and perfectly sweet açaí, this one is a must. Served extremely aesthetically in a coconut bowl with a plethora of awesome toppings, its heaven in a bowl. Also, I highly recommend adding their amazing peanut butter to it. While you are there, you should definitely pick up one of their epic treats I highly insist on the mango and passionfruit cheezecake.

Açaí Brothers

acai brothers

With an extensive list of unique speciality bowls and locations all over Sydney, you are gonna wanna check out your nearest açaí brothers joint. They have so many different types of açaí blends, my ave being the lemon which has lemon essential oil blended into the mix. You get buckinis and the choice of three different fruits to top your açaí bowl and can add on many different toppings, including their homemade raw treats, so yum!

Other Places I have heard are good:

  • Cali Press

  • Coco Bliss

  • Bondi Wholefoods

  • Heart and Soul