Hong Kong Vegan Food Guide

The vegan scene in Hong Kong has massively improved in the last few years and I was in my element with all the delicious food there.

I visited loads of different vegan friendly/ fully vegan places and I compiled a list of my fave places for this post so that you all can try these places if you ever visit Hong Kong :)



Hands down best açaí in Hong Kong. I tried açaí bowls from any different places in Hong Kong and nothing beat the bowls at Supabowl. There are many different bowls to choose from or you can make your own. Each time I went I picked the açaí with protein to refuel after my workout and loaded on the toppings. I highly recommend adding on their homemade almond butter (its amazing!) and the fresh passionfruit.

Also, an added bonus, if you bring your own container/ bowl, you get a free topping, all the positive steps to reduce waste! The people working at Supabowl are the friendliest staff and are so willing to help with any of your queries as well as just engaging in the best chats.



Flatbread heaven! That is all I can say. Mana make up the best zaatar wholemeal flatbread filled with all of your fave goodies. From falafel to avocado to tahini and sundried tomatoes, the list is endless.

Mana also make delish raw vegan cheesecakes, truffles and tasty baked cookies. They are dedicated to sustainability and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, Mana is definitely a place you wanna check out.

impossible burger beef and liberty

Beef and Liberty

I finally got to try the Impossible Burger at Beef and Liberty and wow. It tasted strangely like meat and I am normally not a fan of these fake meat type things (I am a legume lover through and through) however this was an exception as it was a chorizo impossible burger with guac, relish, vegan cheese and more good stuff as well as a side of sweet potato fries and I was very happy and satisfied after this meal. It was delicious :)

Be Juiced

Now I have to be honest and say that this açaí was not great, it was quite bland, tasteless and overly expensive. I wouldn’t recommend the açaí bowl but I really loved the choc granola and the other menu items looked delish and are definitely worth a try however I haven’t had them so I can’t vouch for them.

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 20.53.42.png

Elephant Grounds Coffee

I tried a few different coffee places in Hong Kong and I must say that this is the best cup I had. I always go for a latte or flat white and oat milk is my preferred milk of choice. AND…… guess what? They have oat milk! So its a win win for me, great coffee + oat milk, you guys have to give this place a try if you are in HK.

Pure Veggie House

Vegan dim sum? Oh yes please! My insta-friend Ariel brought me here to try this vegan authentic chinese cuisine and OH MY GOSH, I was very impressed. I hadn’t ever had vegan dim sum and you guys, this was seriously amazing. We got so many delicious small plates of dumplings, bean curd pancakes, wontons, noodles and more, I was in heaven.