Balance Festival 2019 Highlights

As I said in my latest instagram post, WHAT A WEEKEND!

Balance Festival 2019 was definitely one of the most enjoyable weekends ever and I am still smiling from ear to ear.


I thought I would do a little round up on here of what it was like and my faves from the weekend.

What To Expect

As you walk into the gigantic Old Truman’s Brewery, the exciting atmosphere is contagious. Thousands of like-minded people bustling through the vast warehouse like rooms was quite the sight. You could feel the joy of each person in the air as they nibbled on the tasters, smashed out workouts, chatted exuberantly amongst one another and snapped photos with their fave bloggers.

The Food


I think I ate my bodyweight about 5 times each day in all the tasters. There was so many and they were amazing. There were too many delicious ones for me to list them all but I am gonna list my faves:

The Fitness

I had some of the most EPIC workouts ever at Balance and I can’t wait to go back for more There were too many to try all of them but I did manage to squeeze in 3-4 workouts each day and it is safe to say, DOMS were real the following days.

My Faves Were:

  • BlokParty Dance Cardio Class with Blok

  • Barry’s Bootcamp

  • BoomCycle Spin

The People


One of the coolest experiences is wandering around and out of the corner of your eye, spotting the people who you admire and inspire you online. It was so surreal to meat and spot my favourite bloggers and insta peeps!

I was lucky enough to meet Zanna Van Dijk and Natalie Glaze as well as getting to see their amazing sustainable swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim (which is so beautiful btw). As well as spotting Kelsey Wells and getting to meet the incredible Healthy Chef Steph and Carly Rowena

Another epic aspect of Balance Festival is the talks done by experts in nutrition, fitness, health etc. It is so educational to listen to professionals talk about these things and hear people’s inspiring stories.

All in all, as I said before, WHAT a weekend. I certainly can’t wait to go back.

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