My Tips For Veganuary

Are you trying vegan this January?

168,542 people took part in Veganuary last year and the numbers continue to grow year on year. So , if any of you are taking part in it this year, I thought that I would write out some tips to help you along your journey.

Why Vegan

Find Your Why
I know this sounds clichén but finding your why is such an important part of your journey. Without this, you may lose sight of why you are going vegan and give up on it. Everybody’s why can be different; ethical reasons, environmental reasons, health reasons etc.

Educate Yourself
If your diet is based on meat, dairy, eggs etc. and you will be cutting those out, you need to ensure that you are educated on how to replace those nutrients with plant food. There are so many books, articles and documentaries out there to help you, just search up ‘vegan nutrition’ and you will be presented with millions of results.

Vegan Food

Follow Inspiring Bloggers
I love scrolling through instagram and seeing vibrant, drool-worthy meals that instantly make me want to whip up something new, something colourful, nourishing and delicious.  Also, there are plenty of qualified nutritionists and dieticians sharing evidence based facts about plant-based nutrition to help you educate yourself.

Try Out New Things
Every week there are incredible new vegan products hitting the shelves of supermarkets near you. My advice would be to explore the new products, especially is they are versions of the things you used to love! While I love creating healthier versions of past favourites, it’s also extremely fun to try out different brands coming out with fantastic products.

Vegan Pantry

Preparation is Key
I know this may sound boring to people but by preparation I don’t mean full on meal prep. i just mean doing grocery shops to ensure that you have all the ingredients needed to whip up simple, nourishing and delicious meals anytime. Find recipes that you could see yourself making over and over again and keep your pantry stocked with these staples and you will be good to go.

Enjoy Yourself
Lastly, don’t stress, Enjoy it! I know a whole new world of food, education and information may seem overwhelming but if you just focus on taking small steps, it will all work out fine. You don’t have to completely throw yourself into it, throwing out everything you are used to overnight. You can just try to slowly eliminate animal foods from your diet replacing those with nutritious and delicious plant-based sources.