Wellspo: Holly White

Holly White

Holly White is 35 years old.

She is a vegan food blogger and presenter both on TV and on her youtube channel. 

Holly blogs about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and vegan food on her website and instagram. 

Holly is an amazing blogger who always inspires me. Her recipes both from her blog and book are amazing and I love her posts about fashion and beauty (stuff I am not so knowledgeable in!).

What sparked your interest in health?

From an early age I devoured mind, body, spirit books and cookbooks that I found at home or in our local library. I quickly noticed a difference in my mood when I avoided processed and junk foods. 

Whether it’s a cake or casserole I feel everything feeds you better when it’s made with love and ideally close to or at home. 

A typical day on your plate?

Avo Toast

Most mornings start with a chia pudding or smoothie or in Winter I might have a bowl of porridge. Lunch is typically left-overs made into a salad with some toasted sourdough. For dinner I love either my vegan beetroot burgers or a casserole.

I always make extra so as to have some leftover for snacks or lunch. I love to snack throughout the day also and I’ve lots of cookie and energy bar recipes in the book that are perfect around 4 pm with a cup of green tea! 

Your top five foods for better health?

Anything homemade but ideally granola, coconut yogurt, guacamole, bananas and dairy-free milk. 

One food you could not live without?


There’s nothing I couldn’t live without but I really love fresh Irish berries. 

Have you a motto you live by?

Live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, provided I am true to the best that’s in me. 

Who and/or what inspires you?

Anyone who champions animal welfare. 

I am a volunteer ambassador for the ISPCA and think the work they do is phenomenal. My love of animals was a key element of my decision to go vegan, I just wish I had started sooner. Especially once I got pets I realised how much personality and love animals have for us and it felt wrong to eat them. 

Holly White

Your favourite type of exercise?

I am a big yoga fan or else a long walk ideally with a good podcast. 

How often do you exercise?

I aim to go to yoga about 3 times a week and walk everywhere in-between. 

Holly White


How do you take care of your mental health?

I have the Calm app on my phone and find their 10 minute meditations really effective. Journaling is also really important to me. I buy large notebooks and ideally most days just try and write down whatever is on my mind. I throw them all out at the end and it always feels like a relief. I believe in learning from my mistakes, but not holding onto things. 

Some advice to your 16-year-old self?

Trust the process of life, follow your instincts and focus on your career as much as possible - it will bring you so much joy! 

What are the key things you have learned in your journey into health and wellbeing?

Veganish by Holly White

I think at the heart of it when we truly trust our own instincts we will find what’s right. Now that I have a book out I know that it will attract certain people who are interested in plant based eating. There are so many different ways of eating and all work differently for different people. Personally for me I’ve never felt healthier or happier than eating the way I do and remembering just how drawn I was to it makes me realise instinctively I knew it was right for me. 

Holly's new book Vegan-ish: A Gentle Introduction to a Plant- Based Diet by Holly White (Gill Books, €22.99) is available in all good book shops and online.

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