San Fran Foody Guide

I am just home from almost three weeks in California and it was an amazing holiday.

I hit up so many wonderful food places while in San Fran and LA and I wanted to share them with you guys.

Bowld Acai

Bowl'd Acai

Açaí bigger than your head? I'm down! I went to spark social (a cool food truck yard) twice just to get some large Bowl'd Açaí. I got the Original Gangster which is a blend of thick, luscious açaí, banana and strawberry topped with fresh nana chunks, straws, bluebs, coco flakes and crunchy, delish granola (I got no honey). If you aren't feeling like açaí then there are loads of other trucks to try. 

Pressed Juicery

Pressed Freeze

If your in the mood for some healthy fro-yo, Pressed is the place to go. Get your freeze of choice (vanilla, choc, mango turmeric or creamy coconut) piled high with amazing toppings (think berries, dark choc-chips, coconut, granola...) with amazing sauces from almond butter to cacao drizzle. All vegan and all healthy. If you want that extra little #health than be sure to pick up on of their refreshing juices.

Dandelion Chocolate Factory

Dark Chocolate


Shelves filled with dark chocolate tasters..... need I say more! My family and I stumbled upon this place while roaming the streets of San Fran. They have a cool cafe but the shelves of good quality dark chocolate from all around South America and they all have...

Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre

This food is Mexican heaven. Plant-powered vegan food, all Mexican dishes, all delicious. I had been wanting to try Gracias Madre for so long and I finally got to try it on our last night in San Fran..... it was definitely worth the wait. My mum and I shared the nachos (corn tortilla chips, guac, refried beans, cashew crema and loads more goodness) and then we got Bol Dos (amazingly delicious) and the enchiladas. I highly recommend everything and would love to try more.

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