My Tips to Be More Eco-Friendly

I have been interested in helping save our planet for a long time now and I thought it was time to properly share my thoughts and any tips I have on here.

There are so many ways to help protect our world and we definitely need to be doing all of them. However, just to get us started, I thought that I would share some of my simple and easy tips and swaps on here.

Swap your Coffee Cup for a Reusable One

coffee cup left on footpath.jpg

In the UK, 7 million disposable coffee cups are used every day – that equates to roughly 2.5 billion every year. I don't have worldwide stats but for a small place, that is a hell of a lot of waste just from your morning coffee.

A simple way to do your part in reducing this problem would be to invest in a reusable coffee cup. Their are loads of brands making them now so they are easier to buy then ever, one of the brands that I would recommend is KeepCup


Also, a little bonus to bringing your own cup, is that loads of cafes now offer a discount for your coffee if you use one.

Whats happens if I forget my cup? There will come times when your trusty reusable cup is forgotten, but don't fear. Try, if you can, to just take 10 minutes to enjoy your coffee in the cafe instead, in one of their mugs. Not only will you be helping to save our planet but also, these few minutes may be a nice little pause for your mind during a busy day.

Say 'Bye Bye' to Plastic Straws


Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day, imagine the number of straws used in the world each year! People don't care about the little plastic thing that they sip their soft drinks or cocktails through but little do they think that these straws are ending up in the ocean and washing up on our beaches, doing so much damage to our world.

A simple swap for a plastic straw is to get a metal one to suck your smoothies through or even bamboo. Also, when getting a drink at a restaurant be sure to ask for no straw.


Reusable bag

No, I am not talking about booze. Bring Your Own Bag. The amount of plastic that covers fruit and veg in the supermarkets is astounding. Getting more plastic bags to carry your food home in just adds up to more and more waste and plastic that never goes away.

Buying a bag (non-plastic) that you can bring with you any time you go to the shops will really help in reducing your plastic usage.

Nobody is Perfect

I know, by writing this, that I make myself sound like some eco-warrior goddess that can fit all of her years waste in a jar, but I am not. I am in no means perfect in anything and no one needs to be. I am just trying my best to do all I can for the environment but I am only human and I can't help sometimes forgetting my own bag or forgetting to ask for no straw in my smoothie but just do your best and that will help make a change for our planet for the better.

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