Wellspo: Tayler McKellop


Tayler is 19 years old and currently attending college in New York City. 

She will soon be moving back home to California to finish her bachelor’s degree there.

Taylor began her page @cleaneatsbytay in May 2017 to share her healthy food creations but has branched out into wellness, self-love, and self-care in recent months.

What sparked your interest in health?

I started eating healthier my senior year of high school when I noticed the foods I ate were beginning to change my body physically and influence the way I felt in general. It was definitely a gradual change, but I really got into it this past year when I started my account and I’ve never felt better

A typical day on your plate?


For breakfast, I love having oatmeal cooked on the stove with almond milk, shredded zucchini, cinnamon, flax meal, and some protein powder, and then topped with frozen fruit, seeds, and nut butter. Favourite combo of all time.

For lunch a dinner, some of my favourite meals to make are veggie stir fries, lentil or chickpea based pasta with lots of vegetables, or a big bowl of greens, grains, and plant-based protein.

Your top five foods for better health?

Nut butter, avocado, nut milk, leafy greens, and oats.

One food you could not live without?

Peanut butter. I am terrified of developing a sensitivity to it since I go through a jar in like 5 days.


Have you a motto you live by?

I have a favorite quote that I think about all the time, especially when I’m feeling down about myself: “Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done” - Rudy Francisco

I think this is just the most relevant, uplifting quote one could live by.

Who and/or what inspires you?

Everyone that I follow inspires me. Every time I go on Instagram I’m amazed at the beautiful things people are creating daily and it keeps my mind inspired for my own creations.

Also, somewhat random, but Audrey Hepburn has been my idol for years and I am constantly looking back to her for inspiration. Not just because of her amazing style and acting talent, but because she was just an amazing, kind, selfless person who I would give up anything to meet.

Your favourite type of exercise?

Yoga! Love me some yoga.


How often do you exercise?

I work out 5-6 days a week, lifting weights at the gym the majority of those days. 

How do you take care of your mental health?

So many things. I do a 10 minute guided meditation every morning, which really helps me start off my day calm and relaxed so that I can stay that way the rest of the day.


I also make sure I get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night, and try to not be on my phone right before going to bed. I like to stretch and read for 30 minutes to an hour before going to sleep.

Some advice to your 16-year-old self?

A bag of tortilla chips and salsa is not a meal

What are the key things you have learned in your journey into health and wellbeing?


I’ve learned that eating healthy is NOT depriving yourself. It’s not “resisting your cravings” or maintaining the “perfect body” like so many people assume is the goal of those who pursue a healthier lifestyle. Being healthy means nourishing your body with delicious, abundant, natural foods so that you can feel your best all day long and have the energy to move your body.

You can’t tell yourself what you can and can’t eat, you have to want those healthier alternatives because of how they’ll make you feel. I just want everyone else to know that looking a certain way or eating minimal calories is not what eating healthy is about.

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