My Favourite Health + Fitness Podcasts

I have really been obsessed with podcasts lately. 

They are perfect to accompany you on your commutes and travels. There are so many out there for all interests. I am (obviously) interested in health and fitness so have compiled a list of my favourite podcasts on this topic. If you tune into any of these please let me know what you think!

Talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer

Talking Tastebuds

I have been listening to Venetia's podcast since the start and loved every episode. So much so that I have re-listened to ALL of them! She always gets the best guests (think all of the bubbliest food and fitness bloggers, nutritionists, presenters and more).

They talk all things food, fitness, their childhood and so much more. I definitely recommend checking it out. My fave episodes so far have to be Roz Purcell's, Zanna Van Dijk's and Deliciously Ella's.

The Health Code

Only one episode of this podcast has been released so far but I am already in love. Sarahs day is one of my fave ever youtubers/ instagrammers - she is so positive, real and funny. Her personality is infectious and it shines through in the podcast. Kurt's is the same, together they make the power couple - funny, positive and so inspiring.

I am so excited to listen to the weekly episodes and can't wait to hear more about what they have to share.

Party in My Plants

I just stumbled across this podcast a few weeks ago and it kept me happy through a car journey we did. Talia interviews so many amazing American bloggers including McKel Hill, Sweet Potato Soul and Sarah Britton aka My New Roots.

I love hearing about the journeys of other foodies, wellness fanatics and more. You can get a good insights into what their lives are like and they are very interesting. 

The Whey Box Podcast

This podcast interviews all of my fave UK based bloggers including Alice Liveing, The Doctor's Kitchen, Healthy Chef Steph and The Food Medic. I love learning about their lives, how the got to where they are and all about how food affected their lives - the good and the bad.

Everyone has a unique story and they are all so inspiring to me. It is so great to hear all my role models talk about how they achieved what they have today.


Desert Island Dishes by Margie Broadhead

Desert Island Dishes

My mum has always loved Desert Island Discs and I remember multiple car journeys listening to episodes. I got really excited when I saw this spin-off of it. The podcast interviews so many people from chefs, to entrepreneur and bloggers.

We get to learn all about their food interest as well as their 'desert island dishes'. Basically all the desert island disc questions replaced with dishes - it's great.