Wellspo: Shona Vertue

Shona Vertue is a 30-year-old Australian who now lives in London.

Shona vertue

She has been a yoga teacher and personal trainer for over 10 years. Before that, she was an elite gymnast and dancer - training over 20 hours a week. 

Shona Vertue is a huge inspiration to me. Her instagram photos and videos always motivate me and what she can do is amazing!

She has so much intelligence in fitness. I love Shona's youtube workouts and blog post knowledge bombs. Also she is a fellow Aussie (oi, oi, oi).

What sparked your interest in health?

Actually, I kind of grew up with it, so I never called it health, I just called it ‘Life’. My parents were very fit and encouraged me to value my health, because without it, it can be difficult to achieve the things you want.

I also just really love to move and feel good - health is what helps me continue to do that.

A typical day on your plate?

You know what? It changes every day. However I always stick to the following rules:

Shona Vertue

1. Every plate, unless it’s dessert ;), is FILLED with vegetables. Vegetables contain what’s called micronutrients and phytochemicals - basically the magic stuff that helps our bodies and brains function optimally.

2. I also make sure I eat some kind of protein at every meal; whether it’s eggs, fish or beans. Our bodies are made up of protein, it’s really, really important.

3. I always drink lots and lots of water, because it helps my brain stay focused and keeps my body strong. Did you know that even a little bit of dehydration can cause you to lose strength?

Your top five foods for better health?

Shona Vertue
  1. Green Vegetables - I used to hate them and would always pick them off my plate, but when I found out how powerful they were in helping the body to become stronger and more energised, I learned to love the taste, now I can’t get enough.
  2. Herbal Tea - My favourite is chamomile, at the end of a big dinner, it feels so good on my tummy and digestion to have a lovely warm drink. 
  3. Blueberries - they are packed with antioxidants and are my favourite frozen and in smoothies.
  4. Beetroot - I put it in smoothies for a major nutrient hit. Beetroot is very high in Vitamin C.
  5. Coconut Oil - I know this is a bit of a health ‘trend’ but for an islander girl like me, I not only love to cook with it, but it’s great for my skin and curly hair.

One food you could not live without?

Honestly, I don’t think there is one food that I would be upset to lose because there is so much to love. However, I would be sad for a for little while if there was no chocolate left on earth.

Have you a motto you live by?

Shona Vertue

I feel like it changes on a monthly basis and always depends on what I’m ‘going through’ at the time. 

At the moment my motto is - Don’t just learn to feel better, become better at ‘feeling’.

I am working hard at understanding my body, emotions and thoughts so that I can manage them better.

Who and/or what inspires you?

Anybody who has overcome their own hardship, be it in work, life or just simply in the pursuit of a healthy body. I find that very inspiring.

Your favourite type of exercise?

Lifting weights and dancing in my lounge room to my favourite hip hop tracks!

Shona Vertue

How often do you exercise?

I make sure I move at different levels of intensity every day.

How do you take care of your mental health?

I speak to a counsellor twice a month, sometimes more if I feel I need it. I also have a few very close people in my life that I make sure I speak to when I feel sad or down.

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Shona Vertue

Some advice to your 16-year-old self?

Don’t try to please anyone else but yourself. 

What are the key things you have learned in your journey into health and wellbeing?

The mind and the body are equally important - we can’t experience life without one or the other.

Exercise should never be looked at as punishment, instead it should always be a celebration of your body and what it can do.

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