Review: Garden of Life Supplements

Garden of life

I was very kindly sent these supplements to try and could not wait to give you my honest review.

I eat a plant based diet and get almost everything that I need to stay healthy through food but there are a few things that I need to supplement. These include Vitamin B-12 and vitamin D. I was sent the following products and have let you know what I thought.

B12 spray

First of all, I love supplements in the form of spray, because - 1. It's so fun and so much easier than swallowing tablets and 2. They usually come in fun flavours.

Why B-12? B-12 is incredibly important to include in our diets and for vegans or plant-based eaters. Because it is found in foods like liver, eggs and cheese we need to supplement it. 

My thoughts? I personally love this B-12 spray, it has a really tasty natural raspberry flavour and contains 20000% of the recommended B-12 intake. 


An alternative to taking the B-12 spray is taking these B-complex tablets. They contain all 8 essential B vitamins and have fruit and veggies thrown in there too.

Why B- complex? Most of the good B vitamin sources are animal products so if your are not consuming those than it is important to make sure that you are getting enough.

Any reservations? My only complaint is that the tablets are big and I have ALWAYS had a problem swallowing tablets but that is probably just me.


Women's Once Daily

These tablets are for age 40+ but I would say you can take them anytime.


They are packed with over 30 fruits and veggies and are perfect for anyone who may be struggling to get in the good stuff.

Why these? 1 tablet contains 394% of daily recommended vitamin A, 75% of vitamin C, 168% of vitamin E and much more.

Who should take them? Basically anyone can take these but I feel they would be most needed by people struggling to make their daily vitamin needs and don't eat enough fruit or veg.

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