Wellspo: Young and Vegan

Young and vegan

Pippin is a 15-year-old vegan foodie. She lives in California and has been vegan for over 1 and a half years now. She loves sharing her recipes and lifestyle on youtube as well as on instagram and her ultimate goal is to inspire as many young, and old, people as she can to live a healthier and happier life.

Even though Pippin and I are the same age she is a big inspiration to me. Her food on insta and youtube always looks amazing. I think it's amazing to see other teens spreading the message to make sure everybody nourishes themselves right and takes care of their body. I am so happy to have been able to interview her for my blog.


What sparked your interest in health?


Ever since I was a young kid I have been interested in health. Obviously, back then my “health” looked different than it does now but I think competing competitively in gymnastics was the main reason I am so interested in health. Our coaches would always tell us that you have to eat healthy, train hard, and sleep in order to succeed in any sport.


A typical day on your plate?

Buddha bowl

Well, I am definitely a creature of habit (something I am working on) so I do tend to stick to the same foods for much of my week. For breakfast I almost always have some concoction of a smoothie or smoothie bowl packed full of greens and fruit.

Lunch is either sweet potatoes and salad or some sort of quinoa/grain bowl. Dinners I usually try to make something a little more fancy and yummy such as curries, veggie burgers, soups, stir fry's, etc. And of course throughout the day I snack on little thing such as fruit, veggies, and rice crackers.

Your top five foods for better health?

  1. GREENS. I truly believe that greens are the key to feeling amazing and having clear skin.
  2. FRUITS. Ever since incorporating more and more fruits into my diet my energy levels have gone up tremendously. Not to mention that they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals.

  3. VEGGIES. I feel like this one is sort of obvious, but especially cruciferous vegetables have been proven to help reduce your risk of cancer and other diseases! Not to mention that they are jammed with thousands of vitamins.

  4. CHIA/HEMP/FLAX SEEDS. These guys might be little but they have such a huge impact!. They are  filled with Omegas which a lot of people believe you can not get from a vegan diet.

  5. TURMERIC. For that #extrahealth and anti-inflammatory properties.

One food you could not live without?

Buddha bowl

Bananas, haha...I love them so much...or avocado..?

Have you a motto you live by?

Don’t worry be happy :)


Who and/or what inspires you?

I feel like everyone in my life inspires me in some way! Whether that be on social media or in my actual life everyone inspires me in their own way.

Your favourite type of exercise?


Functional training. I really enjoy the high intensity stuff that makes you want to die haha. I also love swimming, biking, and yoga.

How often do you exercise?

Well, I don’t really have a set routine for my exercise because I feel as though it’s to restricting, so pretty much whenever I feel like it. That usually comes to about 5 times a week, but I like to move my body in some way everyday.

How do you take care of your mental health?

Having struggled with anxiety my whole life, mental health is definitely a priority of mine. My favourite way to take care of myself is through exercise (running works the best for me).  It’s seriously like my safe heaven because it tends to release all negativity and stress from my body while giving myself a break from whatever thoughts were in my head. I also am working on meditating everyday as well as doing at least 5 minutes of yoga right when I wake up.

Some advice to your 16-year-old self?

Nice Cream

Just have fun. You only have one life so make the most of it. And remember to take care of yourself.

What are the key things you have learned in your journey into health and wellbeing?

I have learned so many things throughout my health journey but the biggest thing I have learned is that stress can do way more damage than that vegan brownie or cookie. If you are constantly worried about eating clean 100% of the time, you are not going to enjoy life as you should enjoy it. So just do whatever feels good for YOUR body. You don’t have to eat just like anyone else eats.

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