Wellspo: Simon Hill aka Plant Proof

Simon Hill, aged 32, is a qualified Physiotherapist, is certified in Plant Based Nutrition and is currently completing his Masters in Nutrition. 

Plant Proof

Over the past 12 years he has developed a keen interest in the role that nutrition plays in health & wellness. 

Today Simon spends much of his time adding free nutritional advice to his website plantproof.com and his @plant_proof Instagram account and travels the globe interviewing fascinating people for the very highly ranking Plant Proof podcast.

 Everything he does with Plant Proof is built around serving others which he says "is far more fulfilling than anything else" he has ever been involved in.  Personally Simon leads a very active & healthy life as living proof that you can thrive on a 100% plant based diet.

Simon has been an inspiration to me for such a long time. I love his podcast and look forward to listening to every episode! He is an amazing role model in the plant based world and shares evidence-based nutrition information on his instagram and blog for anyone interested.

Plant proof

What sparked your interest in health?

From an early age I have aspired to be as healthy as possible so that I can participate in as much physical activity as I can and feel fit and strong.  I used to look up to professional athletes and would be inspired by how much time they put into their health and physical condition.

A typical day on your plate

Overnight Oats with fruit for breaky, a smoothie for a snack, a big buddha bowl for lunch and dinner (unrefined grains, legumes, nuts/seeds, kraut, dark leafy greens etc) and then maybe some ‘nice’cream for desert using frozen fruit.

Your top five foods for better health?

Plant Proof
  • Berries

  • Dark leafy greens

  • Walnuts

  • Whole unrefined grains

  • Legumes 

I tend to always get a great mix of this stuff across my week.

One food you could not live without?


Have you a motto you live by?

Health is an investment.

Who and/or what inspires you?

Everyday people around me who live a life of purpose, are passionate about what they do and serve others.

Plant proof

Your favourite type of exercise?

A good old fashioned gym workout with old school equipment and compound lifts. I love the feeling of heavy weight and the grit required to move through the range of motion with clean form.

How often do you exercise?


What are 3 simple things or swaps people could do to help our planet?

  • Single use plastic for reusable

  • Red meat for legumes

  • Processed sugars for natural sugars found in whole fruit

How do you take care of your mental health?

Plant Proof

Walk the dogs, get a massage, connect with people offline in the real world, be kind to myself and confident in who I am so I can serve others.

Some advice to your 16-year-old self?

Stop worrying about what other people think about you and worry about getting to know yourself better. What truly counts is what you think of yourself which you will only work out through self exploration.  

What are the key things you have learned in your journey into health and wellbeing?

Your journey is your journey - don't feel pressured to change things at someone else's pace. Arm yourself with knowledge so you are confident and change your diet over whatever time feels right for you.

Plant Proof

Appreciate that other people have their own opinions and come from a place of compassion and understanding rather than being preachy. You will open more positive conversations this way.

As a society we have a long way to go and have caused great destruction to our planet and the animals we share it with but we must be positive & optimistic rather than feeling defeated and like we cannot do anything.  There is light and it starts at an individual level.