Back To School Lunches & Snacks

Hate going back to school after summer? Join the crew.


School can be annoying but it makes my day a bit better knowing I have delicious and nourishing snacks and lunches to power me through the day. I have put together a list of my favourite lunches and snacks to pack in my bag and enjoy when I have breaks. 

For school, you want to stay on top of things and a lunchbox full of crap is just going to slow your mind and body down. Making sure your food is packed with complex carbs, healthy fat, complete proteins and as many micronutrients as possible is key to keeping your brain and body healthy. These nutrient packed meals are perfect to keep you full of energy throughout the school day.


I need some exciting and delicious as a snack, a handful of nuts or a plain apple doesn't cut it for me. Here are some of my fave portable snacks:

My Healthy Choc-Chip Cookies

My Healthy Choc-Chip Cookies


Nobody wants a soggy, limp sandwich at the bottom of their lunchbox, so check out these ideas for a tasty, nutrient packed lunch:

NOTE: I like to prepare my lunches in advance the night before to make it easier in the morning.

If you give any of these  a go let me know! Tag me in your photos on instagram @dancingfoody and #dancingfoody.