My Flying Essentials


Whether I'm travelling for 1 hour or 20 some things I NEED to have with me or I turn into a grumpy, hangry and bored mess.

Don't get me wrong, I love travelling, just not really the plane, car, bus or transport part. I LOVE getting to the destination. But I can't do that without getting through the transport part.

So here is somethings I pack in my carry-on-bag to ensure a happy, healthy and almost-enjoyable journey:


Now I know this is a cliche but it is really important. Stay hydrated. In most airports you are not allowed to bring a water bottle through security, so if that is the case, maybe go and buy one. I am not trying to advocate plastic at all, but if needs be, then go and grab yourself some water.


Dancing Foody Snacks

If your like me and hate plane food, then packing snacks is what you need to do. I love making a batch of cookies, granola bars, hummus with carrots, energy balls or some sort of snack to bring with me. They keep my happy and not-angry.

If I do not have time to make anything, some of my fave snacks from shops include; Blue Dinosaur Bars, Ombar, Hippeas, Nakd Bars and Loving Earth Chocolate.


I love reading, it transports me to another world. Though it has to be a good book, otherwise I get bored very easily.

One of the best books I have ever read, which I recommend you all read is The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

Some other good reads include: Gone Girl, The Harry Potter series (obviously), Danielle Steele (for by the pool reads),  The Help and The Hunger Games. (These are just some of my fave books, I have loads more but then this post would go on forever).


Teen Vogue

Every single time I go to the airport to hop on a plane, I buy a magazine. I have been doing that since I was little with my barbie magazines and now my choice is Teen Vogue.

Having a magazine with me keeps me occupied for at least an hour of the flight, if not more, so for me, it's a must.

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