Guest Post: Teen Skin by Kate O'Brien

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Kate O'Brien is a qualified dietitian with a diploma in Cosmetic Science.

Over the years she has interviewed leading dermatologists and skin care experts for a range of magazines in Asia, Australia and Ireland.

She has written 7 lifestyle books with another soon to come on skin. To me, she really is an authority and of course, she's my mum


Fresh Faced

You guys have enough going on in your lives so when it comes to taking care of your skin - keep is simple - Cleanse – Nourish – Protect. You can thank me later!


Thorough cleansing is essential to keep skin as clear and blemish-free as possible. Use a pure, natural oil based or a natural creamy cleanser (no soap) and massage it over your skin for up to a minute before wiping off with a warm clean cloth. Avoid soap and soap-based products and those containing alcohol as they can dry the skin.


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Food is key to keeping skin healthy and glowing from the inside; Top skin foods include: avocados – berry fruits – oily fish (salmon, sardines tuna etc) - wholegrains – eggs – nuts – seeds – green leafy veggies - the more of these you eat, the better.

Sugar and foods packed with sugar (biscuits cakes and highly processed foods – are detrimental to the health of your skin so the less of these you eat, the better.

Keep skin hydrated with a little light moisturizer – only if needed

  • Drink at least 1.5 litres of filtered or bottled water a day to flush out skin - dulling toxins and keep you hydrated.


Keep calm and Protect your skin


If I could change anything about my teens and 20s it would be wearing proper sunscreen everyday rather than soaking up the rays with the help of cooking oil! It is now accepted that 90 per cent of skin ageing is directly related to the sun. Scary statistic I know, but you teenagers wont make the same mistake as me! Always use broad-spectrum sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection.


Make up

If you are make-up mad, choose non-comedogenic formulations that allow your skin to breathe – and as with skin products the more natural the better – try mineral-based make-up free from added skin toxins

ALWAYS remove make-up before going to bed by cleansing thoroughly.


The teenage years bring a dramatic change in hormone levels - increase in the production of testosterone (a male hormone which is produced by both men and women) in particular. Testosterone triggers the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce increased levels of sebum (the oily substance that lubricates the skin) that can clog pores. If bacteria get trapped into already clogged pores, this becomes the ideal breeding ground for spots.

If spots are a problem - don’t squeeze or touch them with the fingers (once the spot has come to a head, then squeeze it gently with clean fingers after holding a warm wet flannel on the face first. Then dab the spot afterwards with a little antiseptic.

Lavender or tea tree essential oils, or a tiny spot of toothpaste, dabbed on the spot with a cotton bud can help clear it. If the perseveres or develops into acne, then medical advice should be sought.

When buying skincare – the more natural the better.

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2 brands I love are:

- A naturally gentle and bursting with natural plant extracts and free from harsh chemicals.

- There are others you just need to shop around but remember – the more natural the better

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