Hair's the Thing!

Hair is so important to a whole lot of people, and having good products is key for that! Here are my faves!

Credit; Lanaiblo

Credit; Lanaiblo

  • Powerful, light and fast is all you want in a hairdryer and the LanaiBlo ticks all those boxes.
  • It is easy to carry around and dries your hair extremely quickly no matter what the thickness or length.
  • It has ionic technology giving and anti-static effect making your hair smooth and shiny.
  • It comes in gorgeous AND you can get it personalised, AMAZING!

Price: €99.99


Mason Pearson Hairbrushes

  • As regards to hairbrushes, these ones top my list.
  • Amazing bristles to leave your hair feeling soft and silky!
  • They are also kind on your scalp, trying to protect your hair.
Credit; Mason Pearson

Credit; Mason Pearson

Price: €53- 118

  • As these come in quite pricey I would also recommend my second favourite the Tangle Teezer which comes in much cheaper!
Credit; Aussie Hair

Credit; Aussie Hair

  • I love this brand of conditioner and shampoo.
  • Whichever type i choose my hair will feel amazing after.
  • If its feeling dry, they have one to make it moist,
  • If its looking gloomy they have one to make it shine.
  • And no matter what my hair always feels, soft and silky after.

Price; €4-10 for shampoos and conditioners.

Credit; Instyler

Credit; Instyler

  • The Instyler is a range of products, my favourite being the Instyler Max and the Straight Up Straightening Brush!
  • I love the brush because it takes just seconds to straighten your hair, you just brush your hair like usual and it will straighten it. - €69.99
  • And the Instyler Max is handy for curling and straightening, I love curling my hair with it as it rotates so it wont put too much heat on your hair at once! - €99.99
  • Note; whenever i use heat machinery on my hair I always apply a heat protection spray first to protect my hair!