My Top Tips for Glowing Skin

I am no expert but my mother is a beauty journalist and she has taught me a lot, I have also researched too. I hope you find this useful and feel brighter and more confident in your own skin!


NO.1 - Stay Hydrated

  • Make sure during the day to drink plenty of water, especially in the winter.
  • During the winter, what I find helpful is to drink plenty of herbal tea's  (I love Teapigs and Pukka)

No.2 - Having a Healthy, Balanced Diet.

Fruit bowl
  • I know you have probably heard this many times before, but its true!
  • Making sure to balance your foods and include a variety of different foods into your daily intake.
  • Including all of the nutrients, proteins (chickpeas, chicken, beans, eggs etc.) , carbs (rice, quinoa, potatoes etc.), veggies (leafy greens, root veg, peas, tomatoes etc.), healthy fats (avocados, nuts, salmon etc.), fruit (berries, bananas, apples etc.) and so on....

NO.3 - Stick to What Suits You

  • You may see many celebrities bringing out different products and you think, 'well there skin looks amazing so mine will to if I use that', it's not true, different skin types react differently to various products.
  • Especially in Teens, our skin is more sensitive than adults so we can't tolerate all these different chemicals on our skin. These chemicals could damage or make our skin worse.

NO.4 - Don't Overuse Products

Credit; Amie

Credit; Amie

  • By applying to much product (e.g moisturiser) you may damage your skin. While still young, most of us can get away with simply, washing our skin, every night and using a nice ethical cleanser daily (I like amie) . 
  • Also please try and make sure the products you are using are not tested on animals and are ETHICAL.
  • And, makeup! We really don't need much or any too often! I know it's nice to wear some sometimes but we don't need to be piling it on everyday, it can make our skin worse! 

NO.5 - Protect Your Skin

  • Sun may be great but it can cause a whole lot of damage to your skin.
  • This can be stopped though, by wearing sun cream
  • I know when growing up sun cream used to be a struggle, but it really works wonders to protect your skin.
  • Just putting some sun cream on your face in the morning can really help.

I hope these tips helped you, they certainly did for me!