October Favourites

October has always been a special month to me, well its my birthday month so its always gonna be special to me anyway.

While I do love the summer sunshine and heat, there is something about the autumn beauty that makes me feel so cozy. The crisp days, falling leaves and dark nights, almost measure to summer for me, ALMOST. 

These are all of the things I have been loving this month, take a read and let me know what you think.





Located near the heart of Dublin City, The Fat Fox is the perfect stop off for some warm drinks, delicious treats, porridge and more. You can grab a steamy bowl of vegan porridge for FREE, you only pay for the toppings. You can go all the way with the toppings, I'm talking nut butter, granola, berries, seeds.........

The Natural Born Feeder cookies are literally the best cookies I have ever had. You wouldn't even believe they are healthy, they are like healthy snickers. The recipe is from Roz Purcell's Half Hour Hero. I have also been told by my mum that the coffee is amazing and she is the ultimate coffee snob. 


Health Synergy 'Mars Bars'

Health Synergy mars Bars

OH MY GOODNESS how can I start describing these. They are little bars packed too the brim with flavour and nutrients. A cashew-y coconut-y base, oozing with a date caramel and a crunchy shell of dark choccie, they taste incredible.

They are really easy to make, you don't need too many ingredients and any effort you do put in, you will be rewarded after with a heavenly "mars bar".



Pilates at Project Revive

Project Revive

Get ready for a rewarding, and joyful, challenge. Project Revive pilates are amazing classes, you sweat, laugh and have fun, all by still working out. Even since starting there a couple of weeks ago, I definitely can feel myself gaining strength and and tone. The instructors, Annie and Hayley are such lovely ladies, they make the class so enjoyable.


Stranger Things 2

Stranger Things

No spoilers here but you guys NEED to watch this. Having absolutely adored the first series I obviously needed to dive head first into the second, at so farm it doesn't disappoint. I am not usually a fan of this type of series but I couldn't stop watching this one. I watched the first series 3 times! So yes, I really, REALLY recommend you watch this

If you give any of these places a go let me know! Tag me in your photos on instagram @dancingfoody and #dancingfoody.